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    July 14, 2018
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Home of the Pioneers LEAVENWORTH UNIFIED SCHOOL DISTRICT 45 3 Leavenworth USD 453 Notices to the Tuesday, July 17th Wednesday, July tBh,Thursday, July 19th from 900 am to 2:00p.m, at Eementary Schools (Anthony. Public: Under the provisions off the Family Educitional Rghtsand Wednesday, July 25n from 8:00am to 6.00 pum, at Leavenworth High School, 2012 10m Avenue rghts wth regand to ediucational reconds tha are pt and NEW STUDENTS-Plhase bring to. enrellment agreement-co other bis or statements wull be accepted, Proof of residency is required to ensure that students atend the correct mmunization Record Cudents will not be alowed to start school Physical for those new to the district and 9 years and younger) OFFICIAL birth certifcate for these new to the dac 2. The right so prevent dscosre of personaly idable G daclowre wihout your prior coneent ispemitted by Tuesday. aist 14th, 2018 hom 5:00 pm to 6:00 pm at Tuesday, August 4n, 2018 from 7:45 to 11 aum for 6n Grade Warren Mddle and9th GradeNew LHS Students (LHS Eirat dax af.sche: Warren Mdde School and LIS 50am to 300pm 3. The right so request Shat your educationl records be t$60 Individual Adut LH3 studerts flees at enrolment, depending on selected classes addness ofs office is 400 Manyland Ave w Room . The right so oblain a copy of Lnifed Schoal Disfrict No which thay live and who ive more than 2.5 miles rom tha school. mies from their designated attendance center, Bus sevice within 2.5 eace If you are interested in buting, conact Easton Bus ServiceDiecryeformason is not provided f students who uve less than 2.5 FRA Ln School Drict No, 453 has designated certain Inoson whout your witte.consen we wll honor that est